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Hi!  I am Dianne, the owner/manager/dog’s body for Aalen Accommodation in Jindabyne. I will be the one who answers your emails or phone calls, cleans your house, makes your bed, and refunds your bond. So be nice to me.

Aalen provides self-catering accommodation for medium size groups, in particular family reunions, group activity holidays etc. Use the well equipped kitchen (and dishwasher) to avoid the need for going to restaurants and worrying about who will be the Designated Driver.  There is even a BBQ to give the boys a look-in on the catering. Well, actually boys are allowed in the kitchen, and girls are allowed at the BBQ, but….

 Group sizes can vary from 1 (if you are very lonely) to 22, if you book both houses. As accommodation is offered strictly via the internet through me, it is usually booked by individuals who will be part of the group using the accommodation. Agents don’t get a look-in, which keeps costs down.

I know lots about the area, and have quite a few contacts. As a bit of a “people person” I will love to share my local knowledge with you – but only on request. The personal friendships built up through our correspondence are what I like best about running my own holiday rental. (To be truthful, I also enjoy the money when it comes in).

So, if you like the look of the houses, like the idea of a “friend in the business”, and really want to enjoy a group hug in a beautiful natural setting – go back to the booking enquiry page  and see what I have to offer you.

the faqs

dot  How far is Aalen from the main shops and restaurants?

You can easily walk to all major shops, pubs, restaurants, the post office  and supermarket in Jindabyne.  Turn right onto Gippsland Street from the house, and walk 1 block – you are in the centre of Jindabyne’s “CBD”.

dot  Is there undercover parking?

There is off-street parking for 5 cars, plus a visitor spot.  The upper level parking is visually obscured  from the street, so it is safe for boat parking etc.  However, there is no undercover parking available. 

dot  Can you get to Jindabyne by public transport?

Not easily at this stage. There are moves afoot to commence a bus service, linking with Canberra trains and airport, however, this is still in planning. You really need a car to visit the wide range of attractions in the Snowy Mountains.  If you are visiting in winter, it is worth considering 4WD vehicles. You don’t really need 4WD, but these vehicles are exempt from carrying chains in the national park, and you can have a private laugh at the poor people having to put their chains on when the weather is challenging.

dot  When do I get my security bond back.

If the house is left in a satisfactory condition with no breakages, bond will normally be deposited in your nominated account within 3 working days.  The transfer will come from Westpac, so if your nominated account is Westpac, it will appear in your account the same day. Other banks may require several working days for the transfer to appear.  There is a checklist for you in the house to ensure full refund.

dot  What could affect my bond?

Breakages beyond normal wear & tear will affect your bond. Eg broken glass or plate, no problem. However, a broken window etc would be repaired out or your bond.

Additional cleaning fees may be passed on. Failure to clean BBQ after use, excess garbage, where there has been little attempt to sort recyclables from rubbish, stained carpets or bed linen, are the usual things to cause additional cleaning fees. Having said that, in 5 years of holiday let, there have only been 2 occasions when full bond was not returned.

dot  What are garbage arrangements?

The owner is responsible for putting the red garbage wheelie bin out on a Thursday night.  All recycling (bottles, cans, cardboard) go in yellow wheelie bin, which is emptied fortnightly, and again the responsibility of the owner to put out every second Sunday. Occasionally through winter, there is not sufficient space in the bins. The owner will remove excess garbage mid-week.  Please notify if this service is required. (No charge for first call)

dot  What do we do if the gas runs out in the BBQ?

There is a spare bottle of gas with a combination padlock.  Phone Dianne for the code. Please relock the empty bottle.

book smart reservations book now

book smart reservations book now

JennyAalen Accommodation is a family business, with Jenny (my daughter) standing in as principal contact when I am unavailable.